Thursday, January 1, 2009


Summer 2005-- It was my dream of all dreams, my adventure of all adventures to drive to Alaska. In the summer of '05 I finally did this when I drove up to Coldfoot, AK to work as a lodge cleaner with my friend Paul.

May '06 - May '07-- I moved back up to Coldfoot to work as a cook and tour guide to begin to pay off my 32K student debt.

Summer '08-- First season as a backcountry ranger in the Gates of the Arctic National Park

Summer '09-- Second season as a backcountry ranger in the Gates of the Arctic National Park

The following stories were written in 2009 about my second season as a ranger.

8/30/09- I packraft down the Charley River and visit the site of a famous plane crash. [This story was added in January of 2011.]

I moved back to Coldfoot, Alaska in June 2011 to write my book.

6/25/11- Pictures of my 2-day hike up Slate Creek Trail

7/5/11- Pictures from the Continental Divide in the Brooks Range

7/19/11- Thoughts on being the "Writer in Resident"

7/25/11- My best friend Josh is involved in a National Scandal

8/4/11- My friend Josh Spice and me take an exploratory trip up Nuterwik Creek 

8/6/11- Some more reflections on Josh's national scandal

8/7/11- I get paid well for writing for the first time. Plus some reflections on campus farms and sustainability education.

8/8/11- I take some odd jobs in the arctic to save a little money. 

8/13/11- The owner of the camp asks me if I can fill in and work at Deadhorse for a couple weeks

8/15/11- First impressions of my new home, Deadhorse

8/21/11- I'm washing spoons now. Existential crisis, here I come. 

8/30/11- I packraft the Sag River for three days

9/12/11- I try to packraft to the Arctic Ocean, but run out of time. Must, then, sneak through the hyper secure Prudhoe Bay oilfields. 

10/5/11- A pina colada almost kills me. I leave Deadhorse.