Sunday, April 19, 2009

Images of resourcefulness

When my pots and pans drop below-standard, I take them to a secluded bathroom to wash. I knew it was time when something began spawning out of the spaghetti sauce crust on my pot's rim. (Please--no need to comment on the fruity shorts.)

I put some duct tape on the roof of the van because I thought the leak was sneaking through one of the cracks. This is more pathetically inept than resourceful. My ceiling still leaks during heavy rainstorms, but it has yet to cause me any grief.

I bought this to combat the smell in my van. I'm happy to report that the smell is gone for the most part.

I've learned the ins-and-outs of campus pretty well. I found a classroom that is open all hours, 24/7. I use it after the library closes on weekends because I don't want to use the van's interior lights for a number of reasons. I get wi-fi in here, plus it's outfitted with a TV and DVD player. Here I am watching The Man Who Would Be King.

My parking spot. During the day and most nights I feel as if I'm in my own little world. I have all the privacy I need. On Friday and Saturday nights, though, the party-crowd comes out and goes to the nearby bars. A couple weeks ago, while lying in the van, I heard Amber cry her eyes out to her friend because Shaun just dumped her. I park it under the light so I can see when I'm cooking and slicing up vegetables.

I left my shirt in the sauna at the gym while I worked out, hoping it would iron itself. Unfortunately this did not work, but I give myself credit for the resourceful thought.


Toners said...

if u have any spare cash im not sure how much it is but the downy wrinkle releaser works awesome and u dont have to spray alot for it to work good

Bob L. said...

Next time, put it on a hanger, it will become unwrinkled in no time.

Anonymous said...

Downy wrinkle releaser works great or during the warm weather,spritz a little water on your shirts and hang them freely during the day. The water will create steam in the van and they should look nice in no time.


Anonymous said...

Univ. Nebraska Omaha.

The student lounge in the "Teacher's College" building was minute with what? 5 tables and those dreadful plastic chairs surely intended to prompt short usage before severe unpleasantness compels the user to flee.

Wandering that building I noted a seldom-used room a floor above.

HUGE actual wood table with very comfy cloth-covered chairs with arms and with swivel and rocking features.

Carpet on the floor and sound absorbing panels upon the walls and an electric coffee maker, sink with running water; all the stuff scum lowest-class students whose tuition kept the university open and running, paying wages, etc.

I saw, perhaps, that room used twice a month and vacant the rest of the time.

The well-indoctrinated herd of Nebraska and the student body have been trained to obey their masters.

No signs or posted rules denying access or use but the indoctrinated ones just know that such wondrous facilities simply MUST be for the use of the special deserving worthy class/cohort of administrators, instructors and those they have specifically proclaimed as being worthy of those facilities.

Never did I view mere mortals, the students paying the bills and whose existence made the school's mere existence allowable.

As an older "non-traditional" student and haling from elsewhere and not exposed to the disgusting acculturation of an area where if fascism ever breaks out in the USA may be the likely "homeland" of that force due to the presence of the "type" of typical denizen of that cultural backwater........... I settled in and commenced using it as my comfy, quiet study place; leaving the place cleaner, when possible, that it was upon entry.

Over time I noticed the peeking face at the small window in the ornate wooden door that likely cost more than ALL the furnishings in the LEGAL student lounge/study hole a floor below.

Looking back the face would jerk back, out of view.

The face changed as apparently, a GASP............. STUDENT was using the room.

Some peering faces were older females. Some middle-aged. I recognized a few as PhD instructors, office secretaries, etc.

Only one male but males were rare in that building except for the roughly 30 percent of, ughhhhhh, scum students.

None of the faces I saw did I recognize as students.

I never mentioned my comfy study place to other students since I wanted it for ME!!!!!

It's MINE!!!!!!! All mine!!!

After a couple months, expecting, eventually one of the masters to to enter and shriek, "Begone, ye varlet!!!," with nothing but "dirty looks" directed at me via the portal.... access WAS denied.

The portal was secured. Locked. Preserving the precious place from the invading barbarian.

And thus ends this tale; what is likely akin to a morality tale about what I consider to be, generally, a disgusting putrid elite class-owned society unworthy of truly honorable, decent citizens.

I remain anonymous because I would not be surprised if UNO attempted, in some manner, no matter how dubious, to wreak revenge upon a mere commoner for disparaging their institution and entrenched bureaucracy. For a mere commoner to "defame" the putrid place or the local "masters" ruling within.

UNO's wealth, political power and access to legal bureaucracies is akin to corporate USA who can and has enslaved so much of the USA and its populace due to vastly superior resources than the scum commoner can muster.