Monday, October 19, 2009

Eating trash for the first time

George: It wasn't down in, it was sort of on top.
Jerry: But it was in the cylinder.
George: Above the rim.
Jerry: Adjacent to refuse, is refuse.
George: It was on a magazine and it still had the doily on it.
Jerry: Was it eaten?
George: One little bite.
Jerry: Well, that's garbage.
George: I know who took the bite. It was her aunt.
Jerry: You my friend have crossed the line that divides MAN and BUM. You are now a BUM.

I guess that officially makes me a bum. But it was hardly trash...

I was 2 am and I was in my secret room where--after the library closes--I go to do homework, to listen to internet radio, and--if the mood strikes me--to dance my ass off. This room has a projector and surround sound, too. After a little tinkering I got it to work. Here I am watching Dark Days in my personal theater.

I had forgotten to bring snacks from the van so after five straight hours of schoolwork I got pretty hungry. Too lazy to walk the half-mile to my van, I began eyeing a stack of Panera meal boxes on top of the garbage bin. Oh, I could just have a little looksy, I thought.

In the top box (that was above the rim) was a half eaten sandwich, an unopened plastic container of salad with raspberry vinigrette dressing, a pancake-sized chocolate chip cookie, and a bag of organic potato chips. It couldn't have been older than a day. Besides, it was from Panera... I ate everything (except the sandwich) with a hearty gusto. A bum I may be.


Fannie said...

You look so happy to be findin' that trash, uh hem, food! But I have to admit, that salad looks better than any I've ever found for sale in Fairbanks. Really, I'm not joking! And that is one small but sad reality of life in the far north...

pete said...


you'd be surprised 1. how much good stuff goes to waste and 2. how many more [off-beat] people do this.

i pride my immune system because of this habit, no big deal.

Ken said...

Fannie-- no salad mix at Fred Myers at this time of year? I shoulnd't be surprised, yet I am.

Pete-- I read your post. Interesting stuff... I betcha the Whole Foods nearby me trashes plenty of food every night. Not sure if I'm willing to take that step though... We'll see. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Depression here in the future: 2011 AD

I fully expect to subsist upon dumpster-dived victuals upon retirement due to no work-provided pension plan and my decades among the working-poor performing the tasks our elite-class masters and their lackey politicians proclaim USA citizens will not perform.

Those multi-millions of illegal DO drive down wages, cause rents to rise and are especially harmful to the USA citizen working-poor class.

I found your site while general searching for conveyance living, knowing I may have to repeat what I did in the early 1980s during that recession; live in a car; an itty-bitty 1975 Honda Civic.

Thus is life in the "new age."

And reading the many varied message-board posts slathered across the Web wherein Generations X, Y, etc. declare it is us Baby Boomers responsible for all their financial woes I believe they are either ignoring or unaware of the multitude of Boomers who spent a life-time in poverty and face even worse upon retirement.

LC Bat said...

@ohbop Oh, honey. It was boomers. That doesn't mean it was you or has anything specifically to do with you, personally. Also, at this time in the progression of things, X-ers and millennials *are* part of the problem. Namely, the ones who have never had to work for a damn dime in their lives and are driving inequality out of their own selfishness and greed. Just because I have grown to embrace my own lack of ability to put down roots, mostly for financial reasons, doesn't mean I don't have a great sense of empathy for those who have worked their asses off, for decades, to earn the American dream... and MIGHTILY have earned that dream, but are being denied their due and told it's their own fault. People such as yourself. We're working on it, hon. I can't promise we'll see better in your lifetime, or even in *my* lifetime. But better will, indeed, come.