Friday, November 20, 2009

Sounds of Vandwelling

My latest idea is to compile a set of tracks and market them to the relaxation music industry. I'll call the CD "Sounds of Vandwelling."

Here are some clips from my impending compilation:

1. Autumn showers
2. Serenading crickets
3. Birdsong medley
4. Econoline hymns
5. Monsoon minstrel

Turn your volume up all the way and let yourself become entranced with the soothing sounds of vandwelling!


Anonymous said...

Oh geez, econoline hymns? Next you'll have "Smells of Vandwelling" scratch 'n' sniffs!!

Early Retirement Extreme said...

6. Squirrel fights on the roof
7. Falling pine cones

Ken said...

Anon--I'll give you 10% for the idea. The tough thing about that, though, is that I wouldn't know how to label half the smells in the van.

Jacob--Yes! I wish I had my recorder ready for those. I've had squirrels on the roof, but have yet to hear a fight. I might make #8 the leaf blower who weekly walks around my van.

Anonymous said...

10% are you nuts?

How 'bout 6 and a response?