Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall weekend

I had a four-day fall break, which I spent at David's Acorn Abbey and on the Appalachian Trail, where I--from my starting point at Grayson Highlands State Park--hiked north for two days, and then south for another two back to the van.

During the summer, I'd planted sweet potatoes and lots of greens at Acorn Abbey, including beets, turnips, and mustard. David mashed the potatoes and served the greens, adding some local grass-fed beef (in the form of a meatloaf), beet soup, and my first ever homemade pumpkin pie, which was, needless to say, delicious.

I won't bore you with another tale of the AT, but here are some pictures of pretty Fall colors.

Atop a hill were a whole bunch of apples that had recently fallen from an apple tree. I presume that someone once had a home and orchard where the trail now runs. These were superb.

Sometimes the trail passes through a farm or a pasture. I caught this cow picking her nose with her tongue.

I had an unusual experience with this deer. I saw two deer: one far above me on a hill; the other, far below. I tried to get as close as I could to the one up high, doing my best to muffle the sound of crunching leaves underfoot, while keeping my eyes trained on it. The whole time, though--unbeknownst to me--I was walking straight toward this deer. I was startled when I saw how close I was to it: just a good ten yards. Curious, it took a few steps toward me and I took a few toward it. How I wanted nothing more than to rub its back!

For five minutes we did nothing but stare at each other. Then it turned its ass in my direction, which dribbled out a flurry of pellets that fell like little rocks off the sheer side of a cliff. The crazy thing was that the same exact thing happened on my walk back south, two days later, in the same spot.

Now I'm back on campus, enjoying cool autumn nights and mild, sunny days.


Miss-Fit said...

Grayson Highlands is gorgeous this time of year. Did you see the ponies?

Chris said...

I really want to go on one of these hikes with you one of these times. I love that we have all this so close to us yet I never take advantage of it. You can guarantee that Brody, Peyton, and I will we going on some man weekends when they get a little older....I may have to give Uncle Ken a call to be our guide.

Kevin M said...

Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures.

Nick G said...

Thanks for sharing. I LOVE the picture of the cow.

I really want to start outdoor activities.

Ken said...

Sarah--Yes I did, though they didn't give me much of a kodak moment: they were just idling under a shady tree. Incredible scenery up there.

Chris--man weekends, indeed! I'm thinking of a nice medley of grunts, farts, shirtless mountaintop summits, barbarian roars, capped with some unapologetically violent Jack London bedtime stories. Let's put a little hair on their chests before they break the single digits.

Kevin M-my pleasure!

Nick-I was astounded with the size of the cow's tongue. In fact, it was so big I fail to find a fitting analogy. When I tried to pet it, it stuck that big old thing out and licked my hand.

nitequill said...

Cow buggas ewe....You are a good cow friend to put up with cudding, bugga pickin and then hand lickin with out even an "excuse me" I guess we impolitely march up to them and squeeze their udders and then run away with their milk. However my mom taught me one rude act does not justify another! I must confess that I am more than twice your age and have fallen head over heals in love with you. Next time you wanna go eat some toes drenched in liquor call me. It sounds like my kinda date...hahaha...Be safe, be happy, please...continue...being you. ~S~