Friday, December 31, 2010

Student video interview

A student in the documentary studies department at Duke did a video interview with me this past semester for one of his classes. I enjoyed it, though I should make a few comments and point out a few corrections before it's viewed:

1. Normally I'm not so puffy-eyed, but I had yet to enjoy my afternoon nap when we did the interview.

2. God, I'm so self-conscious about the way I speak. I have some William-Shatner-esque pauses that really need remedying.

3. I'm touched and tickled that Dominic thinks my van is "the greatest social experiment since Thoreau's Walden cabin," but that's something I hugely disagree with.

4. It's also said that the van is not a lifestyle, but a statement. I'd say it's a lifestyle well before I'd say it's a statement.

5. At the end of the video, Dominik says that a law will be passed to ban all future students from living in their vehicles. This is what I've heard too, but I have no proof to back it up.

6. God, I really hate watching myself on video, but I'm posting this anyway because I'm feeling lazy and I'm looking for an excuse not to write anything this weekend.


Ken Householder said...

Well done on the interview, Ken. You know, you have a unique perspective of college that I believe does not normally become apparent until well after one graduates and gains the benefit of hindsight. There are so many kids who mindlessly attend college not for the sake of building character as you put it, but just because it leads to a job.
Having a career should be part of the impetus of attending college, but not the driving force.

I sure enjoy keeping up with your adventures - I hate to see the end of the vandwelling, but I am sure you will have many more adventures ahead.

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Haha ,
The guy that did this doc ,sounds exactly like everyone on NPR.
why is that ?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ken, that was really cool to see, thanks for sharing it. Kinda cool to see you on video after reading your blog for a long time. You speak really well and you shouldn't worry about how you come across on film - you're very presentable. In the end, we are each our own harshest critic.

Keep it real. ;-)

Ken said...

Ken H.--adventures, indeed. I have a couple ideas up my sleeve.

I certainly hope my comments didn't come across as disparaging to other college students. (I, myself, was one of those who thoughtlessly drifted into college, too.) I think something ought to be done about the incredible amount of pressure young people feel to go college. I think that there are many other, and far less costly paths that one can take. Most degrees hardly lead to a job anymore, and frankly I think going to school is a terrible choice if you're going to rack up excessive debt. I'll be the first to say that college can be wonderful, but until it gets cheaper, I'd recommend to others that they find some other way to educate themselves. (And if anyone's seeking such an alternative, I strongly recommend Anya Kamenetz's book, "DIY U"--especially the final chapter.)

Anon--hmm, I wish I could say I listened to NPR enough to comment.

Anon--Thanks for the kind words. I'll always be self-conscious about my speaking and writing. Perhaps I'm too hard on myself, but you can't get better at something if you're satisfied.