Friday, January 7, 2011



Anonymous said...


I've been reading the blog for a few months now. The last two posts finally compelled me to comment.

I thoroughly enjoyed the humorous and well-written anthropomorphizing. While not necessarily a difficult task -- in and of itself -- doing it well is. Great work.

Also, having had the fortune of riding down the Dalton on my motorbike this past summer, I basked briefly in the beauty of the Brooks range, and was really primed to enjoy reading your most recent ranger account from the region.

I'm a non-trad college student, and I appreciate the money-saving measures you've undertaken; both in regards to the practical benefits, and the novelty of the experience. It's all about the memories (un-financed ones). In the words of the Dude: "I dig your style, man."


Ken said...

E- Ah, that must have been a bumpy trip. I sorely miss the Brooks and long to go back. In my fantasy, though, there are no mosquitoes or cold wet feet or mountain-climbing-legs heavy with lactic acid.

Thanks for the kind words. I had a ton of fun with anthropomopomorphopizing in the chicken post.

--the dude abides