Sunday, April 24, 2011

Duke and the outdoors

My liberal studies "exit meeting" went well. Despite my reservations about the current state of my book, my advisor and department chair seemed to like it. I'll have the next couple weeks to revise.

I'll be in Duke for the next few days doing research studies. I've already done four and made $75. I have four more to do this week. I told the editor-in-chief of Duke Magazine about my participation in eight studies in nine days, and he thought it would be an interesting article. My first magazine gig! He told me I'd get paid $1k for a 2,000 word piece.

Here I am doing a study for people doing research for the GRE. (Oh GRE, how I hate thee!)

Duke has a 55-acre garden (called the Sarah P. Duke Garden) in the middle of campus, which never fails to impress me. Here are few shots.

Duke, amazingly, just started a student-run farm. They have 10 acres of land, but right now they're only growing stuff on one acre. All the food grown on it is sold to the business that runs the two main dining halls on campus.

Here's the one-acre farm.

And here's a community garden on campus that students and local are free to use. Wish I'd known about this before.


Chris said...

So Toni and I were watching a movie the other day and it hit me...I found the perfect job for you. Travel writer. You get to exercise your explorer side, still put roots down somewhere, and you'll get paid to boot!! You can't tell me that doesn't fit you perfect.

Chris said...

Oh and 1k for 2000 words sounds awesome!

Unknown said...

Wow, great pictures! Wish we had something like that here. We have gardens over by the Center for the Arts, but they're very manicured and aren't as large. Other than that, just greenhouses and a small forest-y area where they've planted a few non-native plants like a magnolia tree.
A study about the GRE? I hope they're not thinking of making it longer again! (Glad I already took it though.)
That's an excellent offer for that magazine article! Have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!

Ken said...

Chris--If it was only so easy! I do have some ideas for a great travel blog, but I need more credentials to convince (and skill) to persuade people to pay me for doing fun work. Good thought, though.

Constant--Thanks. I give Duke a hard time, sometimes, but the campus really is stunning, the gardens especially.

Ah, the GRE! I studied for like 4 months for that thing, and still barely scored above the 50th percentile for math. Thank goodness I'll never go through that again.


Anonymous said...

Look at Wade is always looking for new talent.

Bob L

Anonymous said...

How about a writer for "Outside" magazine? I would subscribe to read your stories! You can do that for a bit..

Ken said...

Bob L--I'll acquaint myself with his website. It looks like he's in the travel guidebook business, which I don't think is my thing, but cool for him. Here's one of my favorite quotes:

Most people who travel look only at what they are directed to look at. Great is the power of the guidebook-maker, however ignorant" -John Muir

Anon--I JUST pitched them an idea. (So great idea!) My hopes are conveniently low, but that's the sort of magazine I'd love to freelance for.

Anonymous said...

Bob L--I'll acquaint myself with his website. It looks like he's in the travel guidebook business,

Not yet. We have been trying to get him to write one to start making some real money, but he is more into the travelling experience. is his blog, which is where to go to find most of his writing. There is also now a blog that his wife writes relative to traveliing with a child. He has been travelling for 12 years now if I remember right. Not sure how long his wife has been on the road, but the two of them have been travelling with thier little girl for over a year now. I occasionally write articles on motorcycling for him. Currently the site does not bring in enough money for paying writers, but his plans on expansion mean he will likely start.

Bob L