Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting ready to sell the van

It's time to sell the van. I'm not sure how much I'm going to ask for it. The Blue Book values for a '94 Ford Econoline with 126,000 miles are as follows:

Excellent Condition: $2,275
Good: $2,100
Fair: $1,625

It is in really good condition, and I've recently spent an absurd amount of money on repairs, BUT I have that nasty dent/scrape on the driver side, which might severely lower its value.

Anyway, I thought it best to give it a thorough cleaning. Here are some "before shots."

And some "after" shots. Here I am removing the hooks that held up my black partition.

And the hook that held all my dress pants and shirts.

For the past 2.5 years, I'd been paying a local to keep my middle pilot chairs in her garage. They're in decent shape but there was a puzzlingly large amount of shed hair on them.

Here I am putting the pilot chairs back in.

Ready to sell.


Anonymous said...

Quote: "They're in decent shape but there was a puzzlingly large amount of shed hair on them."

What kind of girls have you been dating while at Duke Ken? wink

Good luck with the sale!


Ken said...

Duane-- Firstly, my sentence was awkwardly phrased. It's puzzling to have any hair on the seats, let alone a large amount. Also--"girls" and "dating" and "Ken" and "Duke" all in the same sentence would appropriately give one cause to emit incredulous laughter--I would have been so lucky to have had a girl, even one who left disturbingly large amounts of shed hair on my middle pilot chairs.

Anonymous said...

Ken-- You've got it wrong. The girl would have to be incredibly lucky to go in the same sentence with "Ken" and "Dating" and "Duke".

Unknown said...

Come on now, a girl would have to be really shallow not to date a guy who lives in his van. It's not like you're living like a rock star in there with beer bottles and gigantic speakers. ;)

Ken said...

Anon--aww thanks.

Constant--I don't know if I'd call all girls "shallow" who won't date guys living in vans. Depending on the reason he's living in there, she might have just cause in spurning him. Depending on the size, smell and parking lot, a van could very well be ill-fitted for romance.

Anonymous said...

I think that many girls as well as boys are shallow in nature. Still, you may be a boy someone can only dream of.