Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring growth

After spending two weeks at Duke, I came back to a very different Acorn Abbey. Not only had the plants grown and greened considerably, but the chicks had entered some horribly grotesque pubescent phase.

Here's a shot of Acorn Abbey. Garden on the left; orchard on the right.

David has a grass complex. For the past couple years, he's been walking down the driveway and up the road to get to the garden and chicken coop, which is about 3x the walk compared to leaving the side door and entering the orchard through the lower gate. To keep us from trampling the grass I build a stone walkway. We were both surprised with how well it turned out (pictured below), but David still can't bring himself to alter his walking routine.

Here's a shot of his path in the woods.

The plants got huge in those two weeks. We've already eaten spinach, snap peas, and broccoli from the garden.

Grapes in foreground; broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts in background.

Spinach and snap peas.


kenavo said...

natur shows all her forces this time of the year.
Beautifull path you made!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the chicks.. It's a shame that they are growing up so fast. Great job on the stone walkway! You might not be too much of a carpenter but you have talent in stonemasonry!

Ken said...

kenavo--Ha, I'm damn proud of that path. It's very soothing work.

Anon--the chicks are as sweet as ever. Right now they're living on the garden side of the fenced in area. I introduced them to the grown up chickens (on the orchard side) but Ruth the dinosaur pecked one of them violently--so young and old are again segregated.