Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The bus

Last week, with friend and photographer Josh Spice, I hiked to Bus 142 on the Stampede Trail outside Healy, Alaska. This is the site of Chris McCandless's death.

Josh took over 900 photos and I'm dying to write up a travel narrative and post his pictures, but I've decided to pitch the article idea to an outdoors magazine. Here are a couple shots of the bus.


Mike said...


How far a hike is it to the bus?

RomanaS said...

Wow, some one stole the steering wheel now? And the dash? Gee, every time I see that poor bus more bits of it are gone, more of the windows are broken and there's more graffiti on it.

Mike, I believe it's a 38 mile hike, best done over 3 days.
This is one of the best sites on what to expect on the hike:'

Anonymous said...

nothing like memorializing a sad man who died trying to figure his shit out. leave that poor fucker alone--he has no answers for any of you.

Ken said...

Mike--Romana's right on. We did it in two days; would have been far more comfortable in three.

Anon--why the angst?

Kevin M said...

Just watched the movie last night actually, after reading the book late last year. Obviously things did not end well for Chris, but the journey was amazing. Good luck with your pitch.