Monday, June 6, 2011

Denali National Park

I went on a mini backcountry adventure this past weekend with my friend Josh Spice--a Fairbanks resident. Since we were close by, we took a short scenic detour through Denali National Park.

Here's a cow moose and her calf by the road. There were lots of moose by the road, probably because it's safer for mamas' younglings since wolves and bears are less likely to attack in the presence of humans.

Here's a porcupine. Sorry for the fuzzy pictures. It was around midnight and the light was really low.

Snowshoe Hare.


Trish said...

It must be great to be back. What is the story behind the bear in the glass case at the airport? or is there a story? Did it stroll into the airport one day? Was it a 'maneater', like the two lions featured in the movie 'the ghost and the darkness', who in real life killed several men building a railroad in Africa and are now on display at the field museum in Chicago?

jlcollinsnh said...

very cool to see you back in Alaska. seems your calling.

hope you also continue with the DMT.



Anonymous said...

can you describe and maybe photograph your accommodations? think it would be interesting to compare to the van.

Ken said...

Trish--no idea about the bear. Sorry! All I can say is that it's encased in the Fairbanks airport.

Jim--Indeed. I hope to continue it, but I certainly don't have any money to put up to start it. We'll see where I'm at financially this fall.

Anon--good idea! I'll put that post up soon.