Thursday, March 1, 2012

In the news

1. Interview with the Indianapolis Star's youth news network, Y-Press.

Some time ago, I was interviewed by four teenage girls--all young writers for Y-Press--about how to creatively come up with funds to afford college. I think it's wonderful that they're thinking about this and making other young people think about this.

2. Interview with "life-switch coach," Rebecca Tracy, over at her blog, Uncaged.

3. I wrote an article about Texas trail-riding culture for Go Magazine. 


Anonymous said...

I love your writing but The Cowboy Way is proving difficult to read because it needs some proofing and editing. Your words are good, theyarejust stucktogether.


Ken said...

Candace--I have no idea why those words are all stuck together. And I have no idea why it started off "in a cool Saturday afternoon" when it should be "on..." The article in the magazine was much cleaner, thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Such a shame! It is a good article nonetheless.