Saturday, April 14, 2012

More chicken pictures


We've decided on names to give to the chickens, again with the theme of 19th Century English authors. We haven't distributed the names yet, but we've agreed on the following: Fanny and Fiona for the (light-colored) Golden Comets; Evangeline and Geraldine for the (dark-colored) Barred Rocks; and Helen for our newly arrived (medium-colored) Ameraucana. Seeing as how David and I consider ourselves monks, the new brood of chickens shall be considered nuns, and they each shall be addressed with the title of "Sister."

David babysitting the chickens.

The chickens in their cage in my room.

I take them out to the garden for a half an hour each day.

Missing from the photo is the new Ameraucana, who doesn't like her picture taken.

Fanny and Fiona.


Tesaje said...

Very cute. Chickens are fun.

chez caesar said...

the 'sisters' are cute!

Laura Atkins said...

I still can't figure out how you got the levitating chicken in the first photo!

Ken said...

Laura--Ha, I didn't do anything. The little chick took a giant leap and was flapping its little wings just as I shot. Clearly I didn't get the whole chick in the frame; just its lower half. Glad you mentioned it--I'm quite proud of that picture!