I lived in my van from Jan. 2009 - Jan. 2011. It was my goal to graduate from Duke, debt-free.


1/6/09- I find my the van on craigslist and buy it. 

1/8/09- I renovate (or pimp out) my van.

1/14/09- I read "Walden" for the second time, reflecting on why I've decided to live in a van. 

1/16/09- It gets down to about 10 degrees F. 

1/26/09- I spend five hours trying to figure out how to combine the Flight of the Conchord's "Business Time" with 20 seconds of footage of my backseat turning into a bed. 

1/28/09- With funds rapidly dwindling, I resort to doing MRI studies for money.

2/5/09- My van leaks and I deal with smells. Not the first, nor the last time I deal with this chronic issue. 

2/11/09- I'm lonely as hell, so I tell a bum my secret. 

2/16/09- I describe how I cook in the van.

2/18/09- I unveil my cookbook. 

3/1/09- My mom finds out about van; thinks I'm crazy. 

3/25/09- I hike the Appalachian Trail with my friend Luke for 6 days. 

4/5/09- I get food-poisoning and throw-up in the van.

4/19/09- I take pictures of myself doing resourceful things. 

4/22/09- I get my tax return and reflect on wealth

5/5/09- Some passersby compare my van to the A-Team's while I try to nap. 

5/6/09- I entertain my first guest and discuss what it's like to tell other people that I live in a van. 

5/8/09- I clean out the van and reflect on my first successful semester of vandwelling. 

5/9/09- I break down my finances and compare them to the average American's.

[I go to Alaska to work as a backcountry ranger for the summer. Click here to view my Alaska Stories]


8/26/09- I shave off my summer beard and reflect on celibacy during the process.

8/27/09- North Carolina is F-in hot in August. 

9/3/09- Ants take over my van. 

9/30/09- I'm lonely in my library. 

10/3/09- I almost witness an orgy unfurl. 

10/9/09- Mom finds out about the blog. 

10/16/09- I read aloud an article about living in my van to my travel writing class. The article would later be edited and submitted to Salon where it printed. 

10/19/09- I eat trash for the first time and enjoy it. 

10/22/09- Another 4 days on the Appalachian Trail.

10/25/09- I cook up another pot of spaghetti stew. 

11/4/09- I go to halloween dressed as Thoreau. Also reflect on the miseries of grad school. 

11/9/09- Some guy inspects the van while I'm in it. 

11/16/09- A family has a picnic next to my van for 4 hours. I must remain still. 

11/20/09- I record the sounds of vandwelling.

12/2/09- I find a pile of something mysterious in the back of the van.

12/7/09- I print an article in Salon. Chaos ensues. 

12/13/09- I reflect on my newfound fame. 

12/26/09- I visit Thoreau's Walden Pond.

1/6/10- The Buffalo News does a story on me. 


1/11/10- I talk about going to the gym. Videotape myself shooting the hook.

1/25/10- I get in an accident and sprain my knee, cleverly blaming my blunders on a girl

2/2/10- I'm interview by radio host, Dick Gordon.

2/22/10- I stroll through Duke's infamous K-ville.

3/1/10- A picture tour of the van.

3/5/10- I have some mice problems.

3/20/10- A sleeping bag company sends me a free bag. I review it. 


FIFTH SEMESTER - Spring '11 (Final Semester)

5/26/11- I say goodbye to two baby chicks who were eaten by a racoon.