Thursday, October 27, 2011

A tour of Zuccotti Park (Part II)

In the week I've been here, the site of the occupation has changed considerably. There are now street signs (Bakunin Ave, Jefferson, Trotsky, etc.), there is a "Kids Safe Zone" and now almost everyone is sleeping in tents, rather than in sleeping bags with tarps pulled over.  Anyway, here are a few more pics of the park.

Comfort station: offering everything from toothpaste, sleeping bags, and tarps to clothes.

The empathy booth advises on how to deal with problems in a non-confrontational manner.

 The cigarette rolling station.

The anarchist booth.

The community rules. (Click on picture to enlarge.)

The kitchen, now with tarp cover.

 Sanitation department. Lots of cleaning supplies: brooms, mops, buckets, etc.

 There is now a children's safe zone.

Lots of cool technology. There is a live stream of video and audio of the park, which you can check out here: They also put up a twitter feed on a large screen via a projector, so we can read what's being said at the General Assembly meetings.

Info booth.

The Occupied Wall Street Journal. You can download a copy here. 

Press team.

When the real Fox News shows up, much of the crowd chants, "Fox New Lies! Fox News Lies" I heard a couple people mutter something about tarring and feathering Geraldo Rivera when he came through.


JP said...

How many people are protesting there? How many of them are staying overnight?

Who'd you do your media interviews with?

Unknown said...

Are you going to write for the Occupied Wall Street Journal? Do they reject submissions, or print whatever is given to them?

Ken said...

JP--tough to say how many people are here--maybe 500? The amount of people who come through here and who protest are in the thousands.

I've done interviews with BBC, Radio Argentina as well as one or two more, but not because of my minor notoriety. Anyone who looks shabby or who's wearing a pack gets interviewed here.

Constant--I'm sure there are rejections. There's a ton of unemployed English majors around and it's a small paper. I'd love to contribute but I don't think I'll be here for the long haul, unfortunately.

Ken said...

Anon--I've said it before, but all comments that lack civility and sanity will be deleted. I do not want by blog to participate in the internet-wide dissemination of misinformation.