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I lived in my van from Jan. 2009 - Jan. 2011.


It was my goal to graduate from Duke, debt-free.

First Semester - Spring '09

Second Semester - Fall '09

Third Semester - Spring '10

1/11/10- I talk about going to the gym. Videotape myself shooting the hook.

1/25/10- I get in an accident and sprain my knee, cleverly blaming my blunders on a girl

2/2/10- I'm interviewed by radio host, Dick Gordon.

2/22/10- I stroll through Duke's infamous K-ville.

3/1/10- A picture tour of the van.

3/5/10- I have some mice problems.


3/20/10- A sleeping bag company sends me a free bag. I review it.


4/7/10- I go to Cameron to watch Duke win the NCAA Championship match.


4/18/10- Second installment of my "Image of resourcefulness" series


4/25/10- I hurt my tongue in a game of pickup basketball and use the opportunity to reflect on my lack of health insurance.


4/30/10- ABC News airs their interview of me and I get preoccupied with my image


5/9/10- I participate in a campus study by taking a drug.


5/16/10- My parents visit me.


5/24/10- A girl has a seizure and I reflect on the ridiculousness of school.


5/30/10- I talk about the people I met this past semester, including David who'd let me stay at his home for the summer.


6/8/10- I issue a belated manifesto and give back all the money people had given me over the past couple years.

6/16/10- I describe the inhabitants of my new home -- Acorn Abbey

7/6/10- I go on a three-day fast: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

7/26/10- I describe the animals of Acorn Abbey

8/27/10- I sum up my summer at Acorn Abbey with lots of pictures


7/16/10- I respond to a letter from a father seeking advice about his daughter.


[I spend my summer with a hermit in Stokes County, North Carolina in a cottage called Acorn Abbey. Click here to view stories from that summer in my "Other Travels" series.]

Fourth Semester - Fall '10

Fifth Semester - Spring '11

Post Graduation

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