Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer Alaska trip

I'm currently on my annual trip to Alaska. This time, I'm based near the northern border of Denali National Park (though I'm currently uploading these photos from the university in Fairbanks.)

Yesterday, I got back from a three day trip east of Denali in the Carlo Creek/Nenana River area. Pictures from the trip below...

This is a ptarmigan or grouse--I'm not sure how to tell the difference between the two. This one was acting quite strange. It ruffled its neck feathers, walked back and forth along the trail, and let out a frustrated squawk every few moments. I don't know if it's mating season or if it was trying to lead me away from its eggs, but it was definitely up to something.

Carlo Creek.


Ground Squirrel.

Nenana River.


Caribou. Supposedly this pond has a large amount of calcium, which may account for the especially blue hue of the water.

Caribou and beaver.


Ominous mountain pass.


chez caesar said...

Thanks as usual for sharing, Ken. I love getting to look at your photos, read about your travels and daydream of far-away places. :)

WolfpackFan said...

Just ran across your blog a couple days ago, reading the Van Dwelling series chronologically. Thus far it is 100% entertaining. Also, your writing deserves to be complimented as well. It's a joy to read.

Just felt compelled to share that with you. Keep on keeping on.

Ken said...

Chez & WolfpackFan--Thanks for the kind words!