Thursday, December 6, 2012

On the radio with Dick Gordon

I have so much respect for Dick Gordon and the producers of his radio show, "The Story." He's based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and "The Story" is featured on radio stations across the country. One of his producers met me in Atkinson, NE about a week ago. Dick interviewed me over the phone and the producer recorded our conversation.

Also, here's the link to an interview with Dick two years ago when I was living in my van at Duke:


Anonymous said...

I found your blog via Bill McKibben's twitter feed. You are so inspiring! Keep your head up my friend and put one foot in front of the other- do it for those who are unable or too fearful to walk with you. Be sure to be in DC to circle the white house over President's Day weekend, too. I will be there with my husband and 2 small children to take a stand. Thank you for being one more voice in the fight.

Ken said...

Ann- Holy shit! Bill McKibben?! I'm so very honored. I have much respect for that man.

Anonymous said...

I know! He is my all time hero. I would shit my pants, too, if I was ever on his twitter feed! i am glad I was the first to deliver that awesome news. Be well, friend.

Scott said...

I'm happy for the coverage you're getting, Ken. And it's a delight to listen to your (the) story. I appreciate the link to the old interview, too. I followed you through the van years but forgot about that coverage.

Megan Oteri (memomuse) said...

I really enjoyed your interview last night on The Story. What a wonderful journey you are on. I did appreciate what you said about the landscape and nature. Just how you talked about it was like listening to prose. It is so very beautiful and poetic out in the open prairie. Wide open spaces make my heart sing. I almost have phantom pain sometimes, longing for those wide open spaces. It opens the heart.

I am from Wyoming and live in North Carolina now. My heart still resides in the wide open spaces of the West. I'm so excited to have discovered your blog. I look forward to reading your van book too.

I would love to interview you and feature you on my blog and social media sites. Can we arrange an email interview. I will see if I can get your contact info. on your website. It would be great to do the interview when you are in Wyoming, as I write a lot about Wyoming; she is my muse.

Hope. Wish. Dream. Be.
Megan Oteri

Tesaje said...

Great interview. Thanks for posting it. I don't hear The Story very often because it is on at 1am here. You are getting quite good at being interviewed.