Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Video Diary: Round 2

For the first 10 videos from my trip, go back to this blog post.

This is footage from my flight over the Tar Sands of Northern Alberta. I took this footage a few days before I began my walk.


Part 11: The aftermath of my cow stampede in South Dakota. Plus, a rather striking hail storm.


Part 12: After many nights spent in a tent, a gentleman offers me the museum in the town of Mills, SD for the night. Plus, more cow encounters.


Part 13: Travels across the Cowboy Trail in Nebraska en route to Albion.


Part 15: (There's no Part 14.) In the town of Petersburg, I am escorted out of the county for supposedly breaking into two homes. Here's the audio of my conversation with the town deputy.


Part 16: I meet up with Nebraskan Rick Hammond, who puts me on a horse for the first time in my life.


Part 17: I go to a state meeting in Albion, Nebraska, where people from all over the state come to give comments about the proposed re-route of the Keystone XL.


Part 18: Nebraskan Rick Hammond decides to join the journey for a few days with the hope of stirring up publicity.


Part 19: Travels across southern Nebraska and Kansas. I meet up with the already-laid 2010 Keystone Pipeline.


Part 20: I interview Commissioner Dan Holub in Marion County, Kansas. He doesn't have many good things to say about the Keystone pipeline, which goes through his county.


Part 21: A dog accompanies me on Christmas Day in Kansas.


Part 23: Scared in Oklahoma.


Part 24: Soaked in Oklahoma.


Part 25: I bump into three members of Tar Sands Blockade in Cushing, Oklahoma.


Part 26: Some lessons in cooking in the backcountry. Author Storms Reback joins me in Texas.


Part 29: Interview with Mike Bishop, a Texas landowner whose property has been seized by TransCanada. They are currently laying the pipe in his property.



chris said...

I don't know what amount of financial benefit I would consider to take the chance in oil contaminating my families land? This doesn't make sense? Someone help me understand this....Many of these farmers and ranchers have had this land in their families for generations? These are mechanical people. They know about freeze and thaw, about corrosive effects of grit under high pressure. They have seen tanks leak. They know it will leak eventually. Did Trans Canada truly have them tricked into thinking they could take their property by eminent domain or was that cash too rich to let walk away?

Pat said...

The vids seem to be private.

Anonymous said...

Part 11 is marked as Private and wont play

Anonymous said...

Peabody Pete to chris.

Simply put, these farmers and ranchers were coerced by our own system. Farmers and ranchers DO know what eminent domain means and how it works. They HAVE seen it used effectively all over this great nation. Eminent domain is not a myth, but a reality. Rather than spend thousands of dollars that most DO NOT have trying to fight the system, they simply agree to allow TransCanada an easement with an UNDISCLOSED one time fee...better to get something than simply nuthin or a huge loss.

What TransCanada is doing to the USA is taking OUR own fist, via our own laws, and hitting us in OUR face with our own fist. Not a purty picture.

They are using rules that WE have put in place to get us to do their bidding.

We should be very angry as a collective, but we are divided and easily conquered.

Each farmer and rancher is sticking out there like a sore thumb to be feted, charmed, lied to, bullied and finally threatened and in that order by TransCanada's flim flam men, their advance men, their land men, their hired guns. This goes on repeatedly without any help from ANYONE.

Don't blame the farmers and ranchers. Blame the American collective for allowing ourselves to be divided....and conquered.

As a nation, we just aren't angry enough.

We definitely are not together on this issue

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Part 11 is marked as Private and wont play

Same with Part 13...