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  • Ken Ilgunas


I have been on two cross-country hitchhikes. The first was in the summer of ’07 when I hitchhiked 5,500 miles from Alaska to New York. The second took place in the spring of 2008 when I hitched with my then-girlfriend, Sammy. We went from Mississippi to New York in 25-days. Below, are the tales of each journey.

“Rules of Thumb” is the day-by-day story of my Alaska-to-NY journey from May-June 2007.


“Lovin’ and bummin’ on the open road: An exploration of America’s east coast” is my hitchhiking adventure, when I traveled with my girlfriend Sammy in the Spring of 2008 from Mississippi to New York.

Part 1– Mississippi to North Carolina

Part 2– North Carolina to Connecticut

Part 3– Connecticut to New York


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