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  • Ken Ilgunas

Op-Ed for student newspaper: Part 1

To protest Duke’s recently proposed anti-vandwelling law, I decided to publish a two-part series in Duke’s student-run newspaper, The Chronicle. If you’re more than familiar with my story, I wouldn’t bother reading Part I, which is HERE, since it’s mostly a summary of my two years in the van. (Despite all the press coverage, hardly anyone on campus knows that someone’s living in his van–hence the need for a summary).

Part II, which prints tomorrow, will focus more on the corporate nature of institutions of higher learning, and how the “university experience” teaches students to be profligates and debtors.

There hasn’t been much of an aftermath to the article, and things have gone without note except for a fairly humorous typo on the part of the paper’s editors. They accidentally named me “Ken Vandwelling,” which is a catchy nickname, but one I don’t want to stick.


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