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  • Ken Ilgunas

Radio Interview with Dick Gordon

I'm on the radio show The Story with Dick Gordon today. It's very NPRish and, in my opinion, very good. Click here to listen. Scroll to the bottom of that page to play the interview.

* Correction: Wary of committing an act of dishonesty, I should point out that I exaggerated that I put all of the 18K I saved in Coldfoot towards my debt, when I probably kept about 2K for myself, spending it on things like the GRE, applications to schools, a trip to Ecuador, gear for a summer canoe voyage, as well as my fair share of used books purchased online.

Also, in The Buffalo News interview I said that I’d routinely swat 40-50 mosquitoes at a time. This is a ridiculous aggrandizement of fact. While I was routinely attacked by hundred-strong swarms of mosquitoes, the most I ever killed at once probably never exceeded 25. If that.


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