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  • Ken Ilgunas

This is my new website

The banner to my old Blogger blog

This is me launching my new website.

Thirteen years ago I created a blog ("The Spartan Student"), using the ever-clunky Blogger/Blogspot platform. I'd just moved into my van and wanted to share my experiences while also preserving my anonymity. As a budding writer, it was the best choice I ever made. My blog entries (about living in a van, about hitchhiking, and, later, about walking across the Great Plains) would serve as memory receptacles and rough drafts for my first two books.

Useful as it has been, that old blog has been showing its age and Blogger is getting even clunkier to use. I decided it was time to retire my Blogger website and hire a web developer to give my digital persona a facelift (using the Wix platform).

Now that I have a new website, I'm keen on doing some semi-regular posts and starting a ridiculous newsletter, which you can sign up for at numerous places on this site.

Let me conclude by recommending Iowa-based web developer Julie Feirer, who does great work, provides reasonable rates, and is super helpful and friendly. Her website is


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