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  • Ken Ilgunas


Yesterday I received an email from the director of the liberal studies department–the department that I am enrolled in.


I have a troubling issue to raise with you that reached me late this afternoon through the Graduate School. Duke has received a request from the property manager of the ******** Apartments — who owns the parking lot where you are parked — that you move your van. She has received complaints from tenants of ********* Apartments.

Please phone me any time up to 9PM and certainly over the weekend. As my computer is down at the moment, I will be unable, after I leave the office, to receive your email.

My home phone # is ***-****.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Best, *****”

I’ll hold off issuing comments until I know more, but I’d like to say that I hold my director in the highest regard. She’s been supportive of me since I got here and she’s always been in my corner. So if there’s a “bad guy” to this story, it’s certainly not her. I should also say that I am legally parked and pay $274 a year for my parking permit. And–because I’ve lived as quietly and unostentatiously as a monk in a monastery for almost two years in that parking lot–I have no idea why me and my van are drawing complaints all of a sudden.

More to come as I learn more…


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