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  • Ken Ilgunas

Uh-oh Pt. 2

I've been asked to leave my parking lot. I'm still awaiting more information, but here's what I know so far.

1. A tenant, or tenants, of the apartment (that is adjacent to my lot) has filed a complaint. This person or these persons allegedly said that I and/or my van are making them feel “uncomfortable.”

2. The apartment owner has contacted Duke lawyers, informing them of her request to have me move.

3. Duke lawyers have contacted an Associate Dean.

4. That dean contacted my program director, who relayed to me the request that I move.

5. I’m not sure why the owner has chosen this line of action, but I’ve been told that she is aware of this blog and does not desire negative press.

Of course I’m baffled and somewhat disillusioned that my very low-key presence has upset tenants of the apartment. But I’m more confused with the legal aspects of the situation.

The apartment complex, as far as I know, is not owned by Duke. The complex is owned by a private entity. BUT, part of the parking lot IS owned by Duke. And I pay $274 a year to park in the Duke section of the parking lot.

So its unclear to me how the owner has a say in whether I stay or go. I’m guessing the situation is more complex than what I make it out to be, but this is all I know as of yet. More to come…


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