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  • Ken Ilgunas

Video Diary: Round 2

For the first 10 videos from my trip, go back to this blog post.

This is footage from my flight over the Tar Sands of Northern Alberta. I took this footage a few days before I began my walk.

The aftermath of my cow stampede in South Dakota. Plus, a rather striking hail storm.

After many nights spent in a tent, a gentleman offers me the museum in the town of Mills, SD for the night. Plus, more cow encounters.

Travels across the Cowboy Trail in Nebraska en route to Albion.

In the town of Petersburg, I am escorted out of the county for supposedly breaking into two homes. Here’s the audio of my conversation with the town deputy.

I meet up with Nebraskan Rick Hammond, who puts me on a horse for the first time in my life.

I go to a state meeting in Albion, Nebraska, where people from all over the state come to give comments about the proposed re-route of the Keystone XL.

Nebraskan Rick Hammond decides to join the journey for a few days with the hope of stirring up publicity.

Travels across southern Nebraska and Kansas. I meet up with the already-laid 2010 Keystone Pipeline.

I interview Commissioner Dan Holub in Marion County, Kansas. He doesn’t have many good things to say about the Keystone pipeline, which goes through his county.

Part 21: A dog accompanies me on Christmas Day in Kansas.

Scared in Oklahoma.

Soaked in Oklahoma.

I bump into three members of Tar Sands Blockade in Cushing, Oklahoma.

Some lessons in cooking in the backcountry. Author Storms Reback joins me in Texas.

Interview with Mike Bishop, a Texas landowner whose property has been seized by TransCanada. They are currently laying the pipe in his property.


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