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More images of Walden Pond

I was staying with a friend in Boston for, oh, a week and a half, so I decided to buy a $12 train ticket to Concord to visit Walden Pond. (I’m currently in Western New York spending time with family.) I’ve been to Walden Pond before (and wrote about it here), but I’ve uploaded some new images below.

Here’s a bronzey sculpture of Thoreau, which, for some reason, is slightly smaller than human scale–and behind the sculpture is his “replica” cabin. The original was long ago used as firewood.

The Pond. It was a pretty dreary day and I got thoroughly (or Thoreauly?) soaked when eating a banana at the site of his original cabin. No moments of transcendence, unfortunately.

Lots of rails and wire to keep foot traffic from harming the land. Supposedly it gets pretty busy here in the normal months.

Original site of cabin.

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