Sunday, February 13, 2011

The "some of my favorite people" contest

The rules: Email me the names of as many of my favorite people as you can. The prize goes to whoever can name the most. If several contestants name them all, I will give the prize to whoever sends their list in to me first. If no one guesses them all correctly, I will give it to whoever can name the most. If there's a tie (for instance, two contestants name 8 of the 12), I'll give it to whoever emails me first. The deadline is Thur. Feb. 17th, 8:00 a.m. ET and my email is No crafty techno cheating! :)

Winner gets my copy of the recently released, The Money-less Man by Mark Boyle--who lived without money for a whole year in England.

Here goes...

1. Nature-lover and animal-killer, this guy filled the role of an important man who was shot in my home-city.

2. One of the first to summit all the big hills in the Adirondacks, he sought wilder terrain in Alaska's far north.

3. Amazing writer and adventurer who Ernest Hemingway lavished with praise before calling her a not-so-pleasant "bitch."

4. This guy once dug up his first wife's corpse just to have a looksy. Apparently this was acceptable behavior in the 1830's.

5. An Irishman who favored desert snow over his homeland's verdant green.

6. Spent her honeymoon on the Koyukuk River.

7. On his excursions into the wild, he'd wear a suit and tie, and always leave his gun behind.

8. Three of this conservationist's children were welcomed into the National Academy of Sciences.

9. Once lived under the shadow of one of the great peaks of the Adirondacks, he is better known for some of his more cutthroat exploits in states to the south.

10. Drunkard, boxer, and seaman, and one helluva writer.

11. This guy shares his first name with a well-known deity.

12. Virginian-born outdoorsman whose tragic death is the subject of controversy.

The prize.


Chris said...

Number 7 kinda looks like the old man that shovels salt on the side walks from Home Alone.

Anonymous said...

uhh... i know 1.

Him, Me, Wee 3 said...

Haha! Chris would say that! But I have to admit- I do agree. :)

Ken said...

It's been so long since I've seen that movie that I can't relate. Though it seems as if a big white beard does have a homogenizing effect, making all old white dudes look the same--probably why thousands can pass as Santa Clause each Christmas.

Raella said...

Ok, nice post.. great idea.

But really, lets get on with it!

Where is Part 2 of 3????

Seriously, I'm happy about the book thing and all (not surprised either).. but we don't want to see just your drafts!

Damnit, Ken, we're readers not editors!

If you're going to post Part 1 of 3 - I, for one, want to see part 2 of 3 following closely behind..

So... please, please, please.. pretty please, post Part 2 of 3 - followed closely by Part 3 of 3. :) Please?


Ken said...

Realla--you don't know how happy it makes me to learn that there's someone out there craving for one of my stories... I can assure you Part 2 will be up soon; I've been working all day on it. And I'll definitely try to get Part 3 up before the end of Feb. These things just take time

Anonymous said...

#4 is Emerson, #12 is Jefferson.

Ken said...

anon--one right, one wrong

Anonymous said...

I'm the anon from earlier.

#4 - Emerson
#5 - Ernest Shackledon
#11 - Thor Heyerdahl

The last two, of course, you gave up in your most recent post, so I'm not sure if they count.

Anonymous said...

again, same anon.

#12 - Meriwether Lewis!

Ken said...

Anon--correct! I'll reveal all the names next week. No one got them all right--in fact, I don't think anyone got more than 5, so I think I'll stubbornly be holding onto my book.

Jeffrey said...

Are you sure that no one got them all right? :) If someone did some crafty cheating before the 'no crafty cheating' rule was added and got all 12 right then they should've won :)

Ken said...

Jeffrey--there's no way I can win this argument because you're right, but I suppose I was just hoping for someone to wow me with answers not derived from a "reverse photo engine search." I ought to send it to you, but I'm so broke I'm not sure I want to pay the postage anymore. Sorry! ;)