Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The many initiatives of Occupy Wall Street

It seems like everyone is here for a different reason: for better treatment of animals, for better education, for climate change, for the end of wars, etc., etc. While everyone may know what they're here to accomplish, as a whole, there is no clear message, no clear agenda, and no clear solution. I have more thoughts on the matter, but for now, here are some of today's signs.

While I do sympathize with this movement (and did feel some desire to cull out some of the more asinine signs), I want, more than anything, to give as accurate a picture of this movement as possible. So here they are, uncensored.  


Romana Starfield said...

You there Ken?
Man a van would be a very handy thing to have in New York right now. I wish I could be there. But in Oz and working on my old big bus.

Anonymous said...

from the photos it looks like some DO want handouts.

Ken said...

Romana--I'm there! I woke up in a soggy sleeping bag this morning. Wouldn't have minded the van.

Anon--A few protesters are asking for money for tents or bus rides home or whatever. I think that shows a lack of honor and dignity, especially since we young people should be resourceful enough to clothe, feed, and transport ourselves in more creative, self-reliant ways. I should also say that I don't consider more affordable education or health care or progressive taxes or other important social programs "handouts."