Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Salon: My stay at Zuccotti

I'm in Salon again. I did a story about my week in Zuccotti, which you can read here.

I'm currently in Boston staying with my friend Chuck, under a deadline to finish book proposal stuff. Wish I could still be out there braving the cold, but I must first complete this personal project.


Anonymous said...

How much does Salon pay their interns ? I hope it is a living wage of at least $30 an hour. How much do they contribute to their 401K`s ? Do they provide health insurance? Did they pay you or do they expect stories for free? Also, how would a OWS`er like you view a company that did not do the above ?

Ken said...

Anon--I got paid $150. I appreciate them printing my stuff, but I'll be the first to say that that's not a sustainable wage given the amount of work that goes into writing a 2,000 word piece.

As for your last question, if the money was inadequately distributed, I'd view the company negatively. However, I think dying, cash-strapped newspaper/periodical publications should be somewhat excused if they simply can't afford it. What are they to do if there's no more money? (I'm not sticking up for Salon; I'm just presuming (perhaps wrongly) that that's the case with them.)

PS: "living wage of at least $30 an hour?" That's a bit excessive, no?