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  • Ken Ilgunas

Duke and the outdoors

My liberal studies “exit meeting” went well. Despite my reservations about the current state of my book, my advisor and department chair seemed to like it. I’ll have the next couple weeks to revise.

I’ll be in Duke for the next few days doing research studies. I’ve already done four and made $75. I have four more to do this week. I told the editor-in-chief of Duke Magazine about my participation in eight studies in nine days, and he thought it would be an interesting article. My first magazine gig! He told me I’d get paid $1k for a 2,000 word piece.

Here I am doing a study for people doing research for the GRE. (Oh GRE, how I hate thee!)

Duke has a 55-acre garden (called the Sarah P. Duke Garden) in the middle of campus, which never fails to impress me. Here are few shots.

Duke, amazingly, just started a student-run farm. They have 10 acres of land, but right now they’re only growing stuff on one acre. All the food grown on it is sold to the business that runs the two main dining halls on campus.

Here’s the one-acre farm.

And here’s a community garden on campus that students and local are free to use. Wish I’d known about this before.


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