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  • Ken Ilgunas

Oh god, I’m going to Deadhorse

(Deadhorse Camp is the yellow building on the right)

Tomorrow, I’m heading up to Deadhorse, a greasy, steely working camp near the oil fields and Arctic Ocean, for a couple weeks. The guy who runs both Coldfoot Camp and Deadhorse Camp is short on a cleaner/dishwasher up there because someone recently quit.

Because I’m the only person in Coldfoot who’s technically unemployed, and because I want to do him a favor for providing me with room and board this summer, but also because I’m eager to put away a little cash, I agreed to fill in.

So tonight I’ll pack my bags: clothes, computer and a 12-pack of Pabst (surely not enough to get me through two weeks, but I’m not going in unarmed), and tomorrow morning, I take off.


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