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  • Ken Ilgunas

Rain and raid

After our march for solidarity with Occupy Oakland, the police have been hanging out more and more around Zuccotti. They’re gathered in riot gear in the pictures below.

This morning, some police, along with the fire department, came through camp and confiscated two of our generators. One of which, I believe, powered our media station.

The weather has been miserable for the past 36-hours. Blistering winds have uprooted tents, it rained almost all day yesterday, and the temperature got as low as 37 degrees.

Here’s my tent, soaked. I’d laid down cardboard and a tarp to keep the floor of my tent waterproof, but it’s almost impossible to keep things dry when sleeping on asphalt since the water has no where to drain. My sleeping bag and clothes have been soaked for the past few days. From the comfort station, I borrowed three emergency blankets and a woman’s cardigan sweater, the sort that has those big folded sleeves around the wrists.

Just stretching out the walls of the tent is difficult since there’s nowhere to put down stakes and because the place is so crowded. Here’ I’ve tied a rope to a stack of sopping wet cardboard that stretches one side of my tent taut.


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